Art expertise

In Normandy, gastronomy has been a way of life for centuries.

This damp, fertile region is perfect for a range of gastronomic delights. It benefits from a range of products as plentiful as they are diverse, brought to the kitchen and the table by the coastal winds, the rivers and the routes crossing the countryside.

Spécialités culinaires normandes du Domaine d'Ablon

One cannot stay in Normandy and not experience a culinary journey,discovering staple products of the region,

such as cream, apples, fish and shellfish, all of which form the basis of Normandy gastronomy. On the Estate, we have refined the art of cuisine with recipes that are both natural and yet daring, to ensure an explosion of flavors. During your stay, we can make a chef available to you for a dinner among friends, an intimate dinner for two, or a cookery course, so that Normandy cuisine will no longer be a secret for you.


Our resident chef, full of passion and curiosity

Jérôme Billochon

employs all his skill in showcasing the best products of the region in both savoury and sweet dishes. He finds his inspiration in the traditions of the area and creates his dishes with respect for the rhythm of the seasons.

"Jerôme Billochon has chosen the gardens of the Estate to select top quality products to adorn your plate."

On tasting his dishes, your palate will undergo a unique experience, discovering subtle flavours, enhanced by aromatic herbs from the garden. 

The chef offers you an authentic gourmet break, tasting harmonious, colourful dishes, allowing you to enjoy moments of pure pleasure as you taste the real Normandy.


The formal vegetable garden

All year round, from a large selection of almost 80 types of vegetables, you can re-discover the real taste of courgettes, freshly pulled carrots, crunchy salad with spring onions, chives and fresh parsley.

The vegetable garden covers an area of 4,000 m2, where we grow our top quality produce for the chef to use in his best, seasonal Normandy recipes.

All year round, from a large selection of almost 80 types of vegetables, you can re-discover the real taste of courgettes, freshly pulled carrots, crunchy salad with spring onions, chives and fresh parsley.

Pick a pea-pod, a raspberry or a blueberry.

Choose from 8 varieties of tomato, for a colourful lunchtime salad full of flavour.

Each season, there are fruits and vegetables to hand, according to the natural changing of the seasons.

les tomates du potager du Domaine d'Ablon Normandie
les salades croquantes du Domaine d'Ablon Normandie
légumes du potager du Domaine d'Ablon Normandie

Want to taste the dishes prepared by a chef ?

Our menu changes with the seasons and the inspired ideas of Jérôme Billochon, who creates our menus and dishes to accord perfectly with Normandy traditions and seasonal produce from our orchard and vegetable garden. These menus will both seduce and astonish you with their hitherto unexplored flavours that will delight your senses.

One of the great features of the Domaine d'Ablon is our restaurant service, where diners are offered the best restaurant service but in the intimate and exclusive setting of their suites or their cottage. This is a personalised à la carte service.


The herb garden

The herb garden has 15 squares, planted with aromatic and medicinal plants, for a veritable awakening of the senses.

In this garden, each plant has a history and knows how to enhance your dishes with its unique flavours, not to be found anywhere else.

Herbes aromatiques du jardin des simples Domaine d'Ablon Normandie
Herbes aromatiques : thym, estragon, basilic

Discover the particular taste of Chinese chives, add fresh mint to your tea, whether green or white, to take you on a fragrant journey.

Complement your dishes with 12 types of basil or 6 different varieties of rosemary, or freshly picked savory.


Le verger

We have no less than 16 varieties of cherry : Burlat, Moreau, Napoléon, Griotte… Forty varieties of apples and pears, three of plum, a whole orchard of organic fruits, for you to enjoy when in season.


We are happy for you to make your own fresh fruit salads each morning. At tea-time, you can create your own fruit cocktail.

With the help of Jérôme Billochon you can learn how to cook with fruits, transform them or preserve them.

Pour encore plus de plaisir, nous vous donnons l’occasion de composer vos salades de fruits frais chaque matin pour parfaire votre petit déjeuner.

Il n’est de plus grand plaisir que de croquer à pleines dents dans ces pommes juteuses et joufflues ainsi que les poires et les prunes fondantes, qui à chaque bouchée vous transportent dans l’âme même de la Normandie. Vous ne saurez quelle recette choisir parmi toutes les spécialités pâtissières normandes, de la plus simple tarte aux pommes au crumble aux pommes et au Calvados. Le seul conseil que nous pouvons vous donner est de tout goûter !

A l’heure du Thé, nous vous concoctons un cocktail de fruits frais tout droit récoltés dans le verger. Accompagnés de Jérôme Billochon, nous vous permettons également de découvrir et d’apprendre à cuisiner ces fruits emblématiques de la Normandie pour réaliser des recettes savoureuses et uniques.


the region

The region has an abundance of natural produce which enhances the Normandy cuisine.

Pommes du terroir normand Domaine d'Ablon Normandie

In Normandy, eating well has been an art-form for many centuries, handed down from generation to generation.


Whether they come from the sea, the land or are freshly picked from the orchards, the ingredients that make up the dishes of Normandy unite strength and character. The cuisine of Normandy is scented, colourful and above all, delicious, a true reflection of the region.

On the Estate, everything is geared towards supplying the best produce from the landscape. Tradition and refinement are our watchwords, as nothing could be more natural than carrying on the traditions of Normandy cuisine with the fruits and vegetables of the season.