Discover the World of Horse Racing

An exclusive visit to one of the most prestigious stud farms

It is impossible to think of Normandy without highlighting one of the most thrilling hidden treasures of this magnificent region – thoroughbred horses, private stud farms and horse-racing.
We have organised for you an exclusive visit to one of the most prestigious stud farms, the Haras du Pays d’Auge. You will be able to meet people who are passionate about racehorses and who breed the top thoroughbreds.


Normandy is perfectly suited to the breeding of equestrian champions. It has been a favourite region of breeders for centuries, because Normandy has it all: perfect geography and climate, superb landscape and stunning stretches of water.
During this exclusive visit you will meet the director of the Haras studfarm, see the stallions and foals and be able to immerse yourself in the world of horse-racing.
The visit offers four different sorts of encounter:
a private visit to the Haras stud farm
discover how thoroughbreds are trained
discover all about horse-racing
discover all about thoroughbred auctions

In order to discover these activities, you will be accompanied by our 2 senior horse-racing specialists

fascinating passion...

Let yourself be charmed without further delay and come and discover this fascinating passion!