Parks and gardens

Awaken your senses in the real Normandy

When the enormous gate to the Ablon estate opens before you, you will be immersed in sensations of scent and colour, characteristic of the region and Normandy tradition.

Vue de l'entrée du Domaine d'Ablon

A walk of discovery in the gardens

During a stroll in the parkland and gardens of the estate, a landscape stretching across more than 5 hectares, you will discover countryside which changes with the seasons. Paths coloured in shades of green, white and blue recall the canvases of the great Normandy Impressionists : agapanthus, hydrangeas, perennials, wisteria and rosebushes, all create an explosion of colour against a background of green.

Les jardins du Domaine d'Ablon

The herb garden, its 15 squares laid out with culinary and medicinal plants, offers a veritable stimulation of the five senses. In this garden, each plant has a history and can seduce your palate with unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else.

In the orchard, the almond-scented clusters of delicate white cherry blossom herald the arrival of spring. Summer brings their full-flavoured, sweet fruits to complement your breakfast.

Of course, we cannot leave out the famous Normandy apple trees, which offer you delicious, round apples that make you simply want to bite into them straight from the tree.

The garden surrounding the property is not simply for ornament, but bids you relax in its green atmosphere of calm. Even in the rain or the Normandy mists, it is the ideal place to stroll and recharge your batteries in the heart of a region full of tradition and natural richness.